Monday, January 10, 2011

Disney World Marathon (Race #2 of the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge)

Sunday's 3 am alarm was too early!!  After having no nap the day before and a very busy day, we were shot! We packed up, loaded the car and headed to meet our friends Paul and Karlis at the buses.  I tried to nap on the way to the staging area, but it didn't happen.  It wasn't nerves, it was noise.  I somehow managed to stop getting pre-race jitters.  I know I can complete the distance, and I don't worry about how fast.  We get to the staging area, weaving through people to find the area to exit to the corrals, again we didn't check bags and moved quickly to our corral.  I spot Endorphin Dude ahead of me and knowing he is a fellow Half Fanatic and a Marathon Maniac I yell out to him.  He and Dave (another HF/MM) are always confused for each other.  I told him I had read Dave had just been called Endorphin Dude at Ragnar and he got a good laugh and we cemented a friendship that has been awesome so far!  We got some pics with Tony (Endorphin Dude) doing Dave's classic pose and goofed off until it was time for our wave to start.

We found our friend Suezette and the 6 of us hung out while we approached the start line.  Tony ran into one of the tutu girls and Paul and Karlis started their intervals and we kept with Suezette until our intervals to walk started.  It was cold and we didn't lose the mylar right away.  We ran into our other friend Monica around Mile 2 and stayed with her 1/2 a mile.  We started going back and forth with Paul and Karlis around this point too.  We would see them and Tony quite a bit during the race.  We were doing easy intervals of 3/2s to make sure we didn't end up injured considering we have our final marathon in our quest to qualify for Marathon Maniacs 3 weeks post Goofy.  We stopped and had a blast taking are a few.

Here we are with Paul and Karlis.

As you can see we really goofed off and just enjoyed the race!  Disney puts on a race to rival others.  I will say the marathon is MUCH better than the half marathon.  We didn't take any pictures with the princesses, but we are going back to run the Princess race!  We did stop at mile 23 to take a pic with our friend Dani who ran the half the day before.

We finished smiling...and airborn LOL

After the race we got our finisher pictures and waited on Tony, Paul, Karlis and Heidi to come in...while we waited, we saw Santa!!

We met back up with Tony (Endorphin Dude) next...we were there to witness his utmost joy at finishing the Goofy Challenge.

We truly enjoyed the Goofy challenge...yes we would do it again given the chance!!

Now...for the weekend bling!


  1. Congratulations!!
    I saw your link through the For the Bling of it posting. What awesome pictures you got! And WOW - those medals are seriously legit. You almost need a separate carry-on just for those. Great job!

    Perhaps I'll bump into you at the Princess, it will be my first half and I cannot wait!!

  2. Congrats on Goofy! After seeing all the fun all the Goofy runners have, I'm totally signing up next year. My friends even got to ride Expedition Everest when they were running through Animal Kingdom!

  3. Nice job!!! A friend is trying to convince me to do this next year!