Monday, January 10, 2011

DisneyWorld 1/2 Marathon (Race #1 of the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge)

Saturday morning came early, we didn't check into the hotel until later than planned as we had been meeting up with other runner friends almost immediately after arriving in Orlando.  The alarm at 3 am was not welcome!  We had to be up and at em and on the buses to the race staging area no later than 4 am.  We were texting and updating Facebook on the way to Epcot.  We had already formed our race strategies for running the half and full back to back.  We had no nerves about the half, only the full.  We knew without a doubt we could do both, it was more could we do them back to back.  The mile long trek from staging to the corrals was very slow going.  I felt like a cow being herded with the rest to slaughter.  We joked about this analogy and slowly padded along.  We get to our corral and noticed the jumbo-tron wasn't working, we were going to miss all the action up front.  Oh well!  We waited for our corral to move forward to start our wave.  The first 2 miles went fast, this was where we found Piglet and Pooh, we waited in line for 10 minutes!!! 

Shame on us, we got our pic and headed on!  The miles were mostly a blur, we saw a lot of characters and a lot of lines.  We decided no more pics until the marathon, but we did stop for a split second to drool over the Pirates of the Carribean guys...their Jack Sparrow looked like Johnny Depp!!  We made another couple of minute stop for Sueann to take a potty break around mile 8.  The rest of the miles flew by, we were concerned about time and honestly, we shouldn't have been!  We had 30 minutes until the cut off by the time we came in!  We really took it easy to make sure the marathon went smoothly and pain free!

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